Dayelicious N ° 001 [Dakouin with palm nut puree]

Discover the recipe of Dakouin with palm nut puree on our program Dayélicious.


Recipe for 4 people

Preparation time: 45 min

Cooking time: 30min

Marinade time: 1- 2h

Ingredients List

1 kg of fresh fish (of your choice)

400g of puree of palm nut

4 fresh tomatoes

3 onions

Garlic and ginger (according to taste)

2 bay leaves

Red peppers (according to taste)

4 green peppers


500 g of gari



Peel, garlic, ginger, half an onion, bay leaves and grind all and then set aside

Peel, two onions, wash the tomato and red pepper, mash and set aside

Cut in slices the rest of the onion then to reserve

Clean the fish properly with lemon or vinegar (After emptying and chipping (you can ask your fishmonger to do it at the time of purchase), salt and season with half of the ground spices.

In a saucepan, pour the palm nut puree with 1 liter of water, cook for 10 minutes. Add the mashed potatoes (tomatoes, onions and peppers) and the remaining spices, stir, salt and cook for about ten minutes.

Put the marinated fish in the soup, cook for 5 min, then add the finely chopped onion and green peppers, let simmer 2 min, adjust the seasoning if necessary.

To put out the fire. Take a little more than half of the sauce still hot without the pieces of


Make the paste of gari (piron): pour the gari in rain in the sampled sauce and stir vigorously

2 to 3 minutes.

Dayélian fait le pari d'essaimer les produits et richesses du terroir, aux quatre coins du globe, sous une forme revisitée, plus moderne, plus chic et plus trendy.

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